All About Backlink Pyramid

What Is Backlink Pyramid ?

A link pyramid is a pyramid of links consisting of three or four tiers with the top tier being considered the “money page”. The money page would be your Website, article, email capture page, or any other page that you’re attempting to get ranked at the top of SERPs.
It’s a backlink creation strategy that passes high-quality link-juice values to your business website and improves the index rate of those backlinks using three different levels or tiers. The link juice passes from the websites at the lowest level (tier 3) to the websites at the highest level (tier 1). These tiers together form a pyramid; hence known as the backlink pyramid or tiered pyramid. It’s a pretty simple, easy, and interesting way to create backlinks.
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How To Generate A Backlink Pyramid?

Tier 1: Tier 1 consists of the websites that pass link-juice directly link to your website. These are high-quality backlinks that are created to increase the website SEO score.

For example: You can create blog posts on your subsites or create a page on social media that links to your main website.

Tier 2: Tier 2 consists of such websites that pass link-juice directly to Tier 1 websites. Websites in Tier 2 get backlinks from the websites in tier 1.

For example: If you will add some articles and content on HubPages, that will directly connect to your social page instead of your website. That would be considered as Tier 2 backlink.

Tier 3: This third tier of backlinks will be pointing directly to your Tier 2 backlinks. The goal of tier 3 backlinks is to improve the index rate of your tier 2 backlinks. The majority of your tier 3 backlinks will not be indexed by Google so you should create enough that you will have at least a few backlinks indexed per tier 2 backlinks on average.

Whitehat Backlink Pyramid V/s Blackhat/Greyhat Backlink Pyramid

Whitehat backlink pyramid Blackhat

 Blackhat/Greyhat backlink pyramid

  • Quality: Consist of good quality backlinks.
  • Analysis: If your tier 1 backlink would still be on the social page, but It would create 2,000 backlinks on tier 2 using a lot of spun articles that will directly link to your social page instead of a business website. That would remain your business website technically safe and secure.

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