Submit a Sitemap to Google Search Console


Submitting a sitemap helps Google understand the structure of your blog, and it also helps Google crawl all your pages. Google will eventually find any site that’s linked to from other sites across the web. But submitting a sitemap can help to rank your site faster. If you’re using the Yoast plugin, it will generate a sitemap file for you. You can follow this guide to submitting your sitemap to Google. One of the ways this is done by submitting a “sitemap” to the Search Console. The sitemap is an XML file that’s generated by Composer. It provides Google with a detailed breakdown of all of the public pages on your site that you want to be indexed by Google, as well as how they relate to one another (that is, which pages are children of other pages, which ones are main section pages, etc.). You may occasionally need to resubmit your sitemap in Google Search Console to draw Google’s attention to pages that have changed or moved. This makes sure that Google always directs searchers to the right pages on your site.