Why is website encryption important ?

Google’s updated web browser Chrome 68 is released in July and users will know whether the site they’re visiting is not encrypting traffic from the ‘Not Secure’ message in the URL, as shown below.

If customers see the ‘Not Secure’ warning, they are more likely to refrain from entering any information on your site, like making a purchase or even signing up for your email list. Another sign is HTTPS at the start of a URL with data encryption, as opposed to HTTP for a not secure website.

There are many benefits of a dedicated IP, including improved site speed and security. As you’re the only one using the IP address, there is zero chance of your IP getting blocked – unless you do something malicious such as sending out spam emails, viruses, or malware.

Let’s explore the benefits of a dedicated IP in detail:

1. View Your Website Using IP Address

One of the benefits of a dedicated IP is that you can visit your website by entering your IP address Assistenza lavastoviglie Bosch Milano  as you’re the only one using it.

2. Reduces the Risk of IP Blacklisting

While sharing an IP address is generally safe, it risks country-specific blocking of your website. Another website on your server may perform illegal activities such as sending out spam emails, viruses, or malware and get you blocked Assistenza lavastoviglie Rex Milano  search engines.

With a dedicated IP, there is zero chance of your IP getting blocked — unless you do something malicious.

3. Faster Emails

Another dedicated IP benefit is faster email deliverability.

Email services such as Gmail and Yahoo trust emails from dedicated IPs more than those from shared IP addresses. These mail services often double-check emails from shared IP addresses because there’s a greater risk of getting Assistenza lavatrice Rex Milano  spam emails from email accounts hosted on those IPs.

4. Secure Remote Access

Security risks have increased since the shift to remote work.

A dedicated IP address lets workers connect to company resources securely. Companies don’t have to worry about security breaches. Assistenza lavastoviglie Whirlpool Milano .  If they encounter any, they can immediately identify the problem account it came from as each employee is assigned a unique IP address.

5. Safer and Quicker File Transfer

You can build your file transfer protocol (FTP) server to share files within an organization with a dedicated IP address. It will offer you better protection and a faster file transfer rate.

While security breaches associated with remote work have increased, you can acquire a dedicated IP address to reduce risks.

It provides a secure way to connect to your remote server and reduces the chances of getting blocked.

Customers will also be less likely to find your website once Google makes the change to their browser. If your site is still not secure, Google will rank your website lower on the search results page, affecting your traffic and revenue at the same time.

Make your website secure with an SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate stands for a Secure Sockets Layer, which by definition, is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. A web server is what a company or business connects with to present their website online, and a web browser is what customers use to connect with web pages on their phones or computers.

To put in simple terms, a web server and web browser work as a team to connect your customer’s computer to your company’s website. An SSL Certificate makes it harder for bad actors to mess with the information that passes between the browser and server. This means your customers can be confident that any personal information they provide is safely delivered and the information they receive from the website is not tampered with.